meowling-quim: is such a dangerous website omg you can drop so much money within the blink of an eye


let me tell you about sockdreams okay. everything they have is cute and their “longer” socks which are for taller or curvier people are amazing. i am almost 6 feet tall and not a skinny lady and i bought some thigh highs thinking they’d end up being calf socks on me and just kind of resigning myself to this fate but when they arrived (in like two days, holy shit they mail out fast) not only did they pull all the way up without trouble, they managed to stay up and look cute. as. fuck. OP’s right yo, that website’s a threat to your wallet.

sockdreams is such a legitimate company and I love them a lot.



serious reasons why you should read/watch oofuri aka ookiku furikabutte

  • the main character is bettered not by “fixing” his anxiety, but by people supporting and accepting him, flaws and all, while also not coddling him like a helpless child
  • there are no overtypical stereotypes, making mostly every character very realistic and sympathetic in development, including rivals and other minor characters
  • the team’s coach is cunning, knowledgeable and amazing at baseball and shows not to underestimate her for being female; also, despite having a large chest, she’s never exploited for fanservice
  • most of the main boys’ families are normally shown, mothers especially, which is really refreshing because usually there’s little focus to them in fiction if it’s not tied to an angsty backstory
  • an unhealthy, codependent relationship is acknowledged as such, and both participants work to make sure they stand on equal ground to fully trust and respect each other
  • and even if you’re not familiar with baseball (or even fond of it, since I used to think it was the most boring sport in existence), the explanations are simple and easy to follow because—
  • —Higuchi (the author) studied high school baseball for over ten years in order to bring an amazing amount of quality and accuracy, so no overblown shounen superpowers here

and now not all serious but still just as valid reasons to give gay baseball a chance

(oh and here is how to experience this lovely series)